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Dashing Tweeds is Britain’s latest tweed textile and mens wear company. We are using all the best British mills and workshops to create a truely original British brand. Opening up a contemporary arena for classic quality fabric we have created a range of tweeds, accessories and clothing for the 21st century. The company was founded by photographer Guy Hills and Woven Textile Designer Kirsty McDougall, who share a dedication to challenging the menswear market with elegance, colour, heritage, technology, innovation and humour, developing fabrics and garments that will last a life time....

We are committed to collaborating with a diverse range of partners from fashion and interior designers to architects and scientists.



We have just opened our first shop. Please do come and visit, we are now based at 26 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3HE. We are open from 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday, and from Saturdays from 11am - 5pm, or you can contact us on 020 7439 8633.


One of our initial ideas was to create an urban tweed sportswear range. We wanted to modernise traditional country tweed wear and improve on the qualities which have made it so successful for centuries. We sampled the colours of town such as double yellow lines and tarmac to send to the dye houses and we added a teflon finish to the woven cloth to improve on the waterproofing. The best way to navigate the centre of town is on a bicycle so to make our urban tweed into a modern sportswear fabric we wove 3M retroreflective yarns in with high quality Merino wool to create a modern urban reflective tweed we call Lumatwill. We have been weaving this since 2005 and now have many many cloths for you.