Lumatwill Caps-1334
Lumatwill Caps-1334
Yellow Raver Wave-2819
Red Raver Wave-2806
Grey Raver Wave-174
Green Raver-133

Lumatwill Caps


Reflective caps made in Yorkshire

Clear selection

These caps are woven with wool and 3M reflective yarn. The Raver designs are the most reflective. Pick from the thumbnails and sizes below, to choose which cap is perfect for you.


Brown Raver, Bund Check Lumatwill, Charcoal Raver Wave, Green raver, green raver wave, Green Sergeant, Grey Raver, Grey Raver Wave, Indigo Raver Wave, Navy Raver Wave, Purple Raver Wave, Red Raver, Red Raver Wave, Red Raver Wave – Linton, Yellow Raver, Yellow Raver Wave


Small, Medium, Large


Very good in all weather conditions.


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