Donegal Lounge Jacket


70% wool and 30% mohair

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Wearing a tweed jacket imparts an inherent relaxed sportiness. It is the fabric of pastimes rather than work, something to wear whilst in a contemplative mood. Our new Donegal tweed jacket woven with wool and soft mohair will put you in a revery of delights, and it’s so sensually soft.

The tailored construction is as simple as can be, the body of the jacket is unlined and the seams fully bound, pockets are patched on and the buttons honed from horn.

Wear on breezy summers evening over a tee shirt or during the day with cream flannels. The herringbone type weave of our own design is in two shades of warm brown, a lighter oatmeal colour and a richer sienna interspersed with random flecks of amber. If there is one tweed jacket you need for any occasion then this is the one.

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