Cycle Wear

The Modern Urban Knight



The Dashing man is a modern urban knight and the bicycle his steed.
We aim is to make tweed sportswear modern and urban and our cycling range is the embodiment of this ethos. Our clothes are designed with cycling in mind but with the knowledge that the time spent cycling to meetings in the city is only a small part of the day. We have adapted highly evolved features of tailoring such as the twisted seams of riding breeches, the action shoulders of shooting jackets and the cuff details the Household Cavalry coats. Our desire is to tailor elegant clothes that function on and off the bicycle with no effort on your behalf. The Lumatwill cloth reflects car headlights at night, by day the 3M fibres look like elegant silver threads. We have cycle blazers, more casual bomber jackets as well as reflective tailored trousers, capes and caps. We are constantly working on new cloth designs and each season we add something to the cycle range.