A Very Dashing Christmas!

We come into our stride at Christmas time, after all ’tis the season for Dashing. However, for you there are halls to deck, figgy puddings to bring and of course piles of presents to find before merry gentleman get any rest at all. Shopping need not be a trudging lament through rude winds and even ruder crowds, you can find comfort, joy and lots more by dropping into Dashing Tweeds on Thursday December 6th. From 3pm till 9pm, there will not only be quaffing for all at our Dorset Street store but also a beautifully curated array of gifts.

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We have recently been collaborating with one of the finest new English tie brands, Windridge and Young. They have been creating exquisitely made collections of classic ties using our creative fabrics. Our fine Merino and British wool designs make up extraordinarily well into neckwear giving a refreshing and relaxed change from the ubiquitous silk jacquards. Tie wearers can never have enough choice, so now you can surprise the ones in your life. They are certain to not already own a Dashing tie and our wool ones will jolly up the winter season.

Marion Friedmann has become a great friend over the last year, her refined eye and original style coupled with her tireless energy bringing Mexican artists to light makes meeting her a constant pleasure. Her geometric lamp by Pedro Cerisola will be hanging from our ceiling rose and Marion will also be displaying a select range of handmade objects and artworks in obsidian, ceramics, glass and textiles from various fascinating Mexican artists.

The delightful hedonism of those rave days in the ‘90’s is part of the fabric of Dashing Tweeds. Dancing around fields without a care in the world, feet on the ground, head in the clouds, psychedlic colour splashes, ethereal electronic tunes and oneness with the world. Weaving wools with technical fabrics is one outcome of this cross-pollination and another is the intricate artwork of Noj Barker. Time and space shrink the more you study them and the closer you look. Just thinking about their creation makes you giddy. There is no quick fix for these intricate art pieces, through endless hours of work, Noj elasticates time listening to Bach and reminiscing on the ecstatic days towards the end of our last millennium, ever decreasing brush points giving his paintings an additional raised dimension.

We will also be showcasing Guy Field shirts, a London based Italian made shirt maker, created by Christopher Field. With a strong focus on craftsmanship, Guy Field clearly understands the importance of quality fabrics and how a shirt should fall on one’s body. With an original grasp of contemporary tailoring and style, Guy Field shirts are great Christmas presents for your husband, brother and any loved ones.

Scented candles have become a way of adding atmosphere to a room or event just by lighting and retiring. Smell works deeply on the most primitive areas of our brain arousing emotion without even thinking about it and of course the ancient roots of winter festivals all evolve around lighting lamps and fires. Gold Hart candles transport you to the wild romantic habitats of Scotland not far from mills who weave our tweed. The brand is based on the myth of the Scottish white hart stag and a mystical vision who saved King David from a goring. Relax by a glowing candle flame and the heathery vapours will transport you to the lands of legend and adventure, make sure you are fully prepared by wearing a tweed suit.

Pocket squares are a safe bet when it comes to presents for uncles, works of art that are also useful. Madeleine Faust has been painting for most of her life and over the past few years she has been refining the process of turning her art works into attractive, elegant and decorative adornments. With a great choice of colours, you can find one to add harmony to any outfit or indeed just add a splash of colour for the sheer joy of it.


Leather goods make excellent Christmas presents; there is always a need for a new bag especially nowadays when we should never have to use anything from non-renewable resources. Goats are a great source of food and leather and have provided the inspiration and raw materials for Jack Millington’s brand, Billy Tannery. He set up his own goatskin tannery in the midlands and started making truly beautiful bags, wallets and aprons from the super soft hides. Yet to have his own London store, our recent event at Dashing in collaboration with Billy Tannery was a great opportunity to see his kid creations and of course buy them for the family.

Deborah Colman started designing and selling printed fabrics in her teens, however a career as a filmmaker intervened before Debs could return to her first love. Now back with a printing studio in London’s East End, Debs’ imagination has been ignited by nature. Crystalline fissures, skeletonised leaves and moulting plumage, exquisite telluric and evolutionary creations give form both directly and through interpretation to gloriously printed fabrics. In a process of material awareness, Debs hand prints her images onto contextually correct textiles and then goes one stage further and fashions them into usable works of art. Lamp shades, cushions and scarves form the backbone of her collection but you can also commission new creations for yourself or others and with empathetic use of colour there will always be something to please.

We will be selling great Christmas presents at our in store event, from Dashing hats and gloves to bags and ready to wear. To celebrate Christmas the Dashing way, kindly RSVP to Holly@DashingTweeds.co.uk and drop by the shop on 6th December between 3pm to 9pm!

All the very best,