Dashing Man: Sloan Hickman


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Sloan has a knack of being at the right place at the right time in the right kit. Growing up in Chelsea after an early childhood in San Francisco, Sloan was definitely where it’s at. Hanging out with fellow Etonians and the odd Harrovian down the Kings Road when it had originality to offer. Sloan would saunter down to Granny Takes a Trip and then groove along to Kensington Market in search of the perfect shaped loons (those fabulously shaped trousers with a kick from the knee) to wear for the evening ahead. Being a huge fan of live music, he would head his pack of like-minded cats east towards the legendary Marquee or 100 club for night of raucous rock and escapades.

Following school, Sloan picked up his camera and started to earn money as a photographer taking artistic family portraits and realising that a career in photography and film was what really interested him. He enrolled into a whole new type of course in North East London specialising in Communications Design, just as the world was readying itself for a hay day of advertising. The course led to a job working for a Graphic Designer in Soho, assisting on large corporate accounts at the time advertising agents were moving into the buzzing area.

dashing tweeds, tweed, tweeds, menswear, tailor, british tailors, british tailoring, made to measure, sloan hickman

A move into video production came when Sloan was offered a job at Dingwalls in Camden. The venue running along the banks of the Regents Canal had just installed one of the very first video setups and Sloan was in charge of the cameras, for mediocre bands he could sit in the DJ booth and operate them remotely but on days when Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders were on stage he would jump in front with his camera and shoot close up angles. It was on such a day that Chrissie suggested Sloan would love New York…and he did. “It was before The Bonfire of the Vanities, so English people were still regarded quite well” says Sloan as he regaled me with stories of directing music videos an managing five camera setups on live TV. He experienced the Punk wave for the second time as it travelled across the pond and coerced camera men to brave the mosh pits of live gigs for fabulous footage as he had done previously.

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Returning from time in the States, Sloan moved into production for the Moving Picture Company, working on memorable adverts for brands such as Scotch Tape with that talking skeleton. Sloan worked with Bernard Lodge renown for this work on Doctor Who, Aliens and Blade Runner. They would often film at Bray Studios, the famous Hammer horror owned estate where model sets for Ridley Scott’s Aliens were created in one studio whilst vampires haunted the others!

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Sloan’s life in graphics and film has honed his eye for originality and quality so it comes as no surprise that he is a huge fan of Dashing. Our concept of heritage and technology piqued his interest and Sloan’s first Dashing suit was tailored for him in our Dashing Explorer cloth, a modern British wool check suitable for town and country. The fine reflective thread in the design adds a subtle delight should a beam of light strike at the right angle. Sloan has his Dashing suits tailored by Russell at Graham Browne, and the tailor is now his first point of call when wanting an addition to his wardrobe. His latest suit in our Red Tappet cloth has become a firm favourite, the cleverly broken up check look both sophisticated and relaxed, making it suitable for business meetings when Sloan is sharing his knowledge through consultancy and when he is off out to more nights of live music.

dashing tweeds, tweed, menswear, made to measure, tailoring, british tailoring, british tailors, made to measure, sackville street, savile row, sloan hickman