Dashing Tweeds x Nike Lab

We’ve witnessed a huge rise in the number of sneakerheads in today’s culture, but something that is new is the level of customisation that’s offered. Luckily, creative initiatives such as Nike Lab have now allowed individuals to personalise their sneakers from start to finish.

Our first collaboration with Converse showed the potential of our cloths for sneakers and since then the hype has boomed. We have since teamed up with Nike Lab in Shoreditch, and supplied them with three different types of cloth’s from Dashing, including our Threadbare cloth which proved popular amongst sneakerhead, Kal Seth who produced a unique pair of Nike Air Force 1’s at the lab which featured Dashing elements in his creation. We talked with Kal to find out more on his obsession with sneakers and how he came about designing his distinct pair of Nike’s using Dashing Tweeds.

Kal was born and raised in New York and still lives there. During the day he is a Director of Information Security for a large retail company but he’s also a photographer and sneaker junkie in his personal time.  Kal has been a trainer collector for 20+ years.  He loves many silhouettes but the Nike Air Force 1 is his personal favourite, which is why the fit of the Nike Lab in London and Dashing’s cloth came hand in hand on this creative basis.  Especially being a native New Yorker, the shoe is extra special as Kal grew up with it and it represents all of the NY urban boroughs.

The Nike Bespoke Labs which are only in NY & London allow you to design your own Bespoke Air Force 1’s with the finest, premium materials.  Kal has designed quite a few since the inception of the program.  Due to his line of work, Kal travels frequently to Europe. He tries to stop in to the London lab whenever the opportunity is there.  Typically Kal likes to theme his designs in London to reflect something English.  That’s part of the reason he wanted Dashing’s tweed, as a result of it’s British heritage and tradition in the culture, which is evident in his Robinson Crusoe and Daniel Defoe customised sneakers using our cloth.

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Kal chose our woven threadbare cotton jacquard, which was inspired by the clothing worn similarly by Robinson Crusoe in English writer, Daniel Defoe’s infamous novel.

Kal mentioned ‘It was love at first sight. I decided to make the bespoke themed around the Robinson Crusoe material, the story & the Island. In effect, the “Crusoe” Bespoke. The entire upper is comprised of this threadbare jacquard, I really wanted it to be the main concept of the shoe to highlight the Robinson Crusoe inspiration. I wanted something comfortable to sit in so went with navy nubuck sockliner; coupled with red nubuck on the insoles. I had “Defoe” lasered on the right insole for the respective author’s name and “1719” on the left insole for when he wrote Robinson Crusoe. The jacquard is such an amazing material, pictures do not fully translate’.

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More of his designs and love for the British themed bespoke sneakers with Nike London can be found here:



Dashing Tweeds, tweed, tweeds, british tailoring, British Tailor

For all of the sneakerheads out there, stop by Nike Lab in Shoreditch at 477-478 Bateman’s Row Rd, London EC2A 3HH and get a one-on-one appointment with dedicated Nike design consultants to completely customise your sneakers from the sole to the laces, choosing your own Dashing cloth!