Joyous Dressing for Christmas

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Tis the season to be jolly. All that fa la la la-ing and wassailing is to be looked forward to even with an inevitable starry head and drum tight tummy once the mull is over.

No one wants a scrooge at their party, but you may well say humbug when being coerced into a gaudy Christmas jumper. Even with my dedicated to Yule tide merry making, I draw the line at bauble elves and rutting stags invading my wardrobe. It is of course perfectly possible to walk a tight rope stretching between festive and fashionable, needless to say we can support you in the balancing act.

Firstly, something tackle the snow, which could well lay deep, crisp and even. Forget about the dull waxed jacket or dark evening coat, you need to arrive with the generous spirit of Wenceslas in a cherry tweed coat, such as our Ben Lawers Raglan, or Herringbone along with a Check Me Out merino scarf to keep you warm.

Dashing Tweeds, Menswear, Made to Measure

We have just commissioned a selection of jumpers to be knitted for us in Scotland using the colourful flecked Donegal wools of our winter wave, these are festive yet elegant and light enough to wear under one of our jackets.

Dashing Tweeds, Menswear, British Tailor, British Tailoring, Made to MeasureTies and pocket squares are of course a classic way to add colour to your festive look. We have worked with an English tie maker to add a more fashionable element to our lighter weight Merino wools into neck wear and several feature our Lumatwill threads which will add a degree of luminosity to your look should the camera flash come out. Our pocket squares by Madeline are original, colourful mini works of art that will bring cheer to any breast pocket and can be whipped out to perform magic should you be blessed with a gift. I favour silk scarves as a great way to bridge the gap of formality whilst keeping decorum and our pieces designed by Arlette are both witty and with it.

Dashing Tweeds, Arlette, Menswear, British Tailor

Trousers are often a let down when it comes to dressing up. There seems to be two camps, those who try to wear amusingly coloured corduroy and those who don’t. However, there are other choices and we have a few playful pairs including our trews. You may think that trews are just Scottish trousers but they are in fact a distinctive cut developed many years ago by the military. Interestingly, trews feature no outside seam on the leg enabling checked patterns to be perfectly matched around the thighs, right down to the ankles. Looking so smart they have become part of the mess dress for Scottish regiments and our pairs cut for us by Davies and Son of Savile Row in a jolly yellow and black urban check will have you passing parade. They are well worth trying on when paying us a visit.

Dashing Tweeds, Menswear, Made to measure, British Tailor

Lastly, as a topping so to speak don’t forget a hat. Our flat caps made by a family business in Yorkshire will coordinate with your joyous look, brighten up the evening and keep your nut warm. When it comes to colour I imagine Good King Wenceslas was a jolly dresser in silk robes and ermin. His song should be a missive to us all “Mark my footsteps, my good page, tread thou in them boldly. Thou shalt find the winter’s rage freeze thy blood less coldly’.