Wool Week

prince charles, sheep, wool, tweed

In the past Prince Charles was shocked to realise that the wool from his beloved organically reared Duchy Farm sheep was almost worthless. The price of a fleece barely covered the cost of shearing. It seemed ridiculous that wool, the main heritage fabric of the British Isles was so undervalued, something had to be done. So in January 2010 The Prince of Wales launched the Campaign for Wool, an organisation to promote all the positive aspects of wool from its sustainable production to its great versatility in everything from carpets, furnishings, loft insulation to luxury tailoring.


Fast forward seven years and the Campaign for Wool is running at full speed widening awareness of all the great benefits that wool can bring into your life. Their website – www.campaignforwool.org goes into great detail about the benefits of wool and starting from the 7th October you will have a chance to participate in Wool Week.

A week so rich in events and full of highlights, they have taken the license to extrapolate convention and organise a fabulous 16 day week.

The first event in the relativistic week is Wool Fusion. A programme of workshops, talks and special events at Carousel 35 Baker Street W1. During this event we have our Blue Overdrive three piece suit and our Waxed wool Norfolk jacket on display.

wool week

Starting at the same time and running for 16 days are a whole series of retail highlights across the country from the world’s oldest knitwear factory of John Smedley through to weaving education at our Dashing Tweeds shop in Sackville Street.

wool week

Kirsty and I are also honoured to be talking at the Bradford Conference ‘Making it in Textiles’ where we will be telling students about the importance of design in the textile industry and how innovation and quality are vital to ensure the British industry thrives in the global market.