12 Man Campaign – James Granstrom

Introducing James Granstrom, the latest from our 12 Man Campaign.

James Granstrom is blessed with much more than just good looks. Curving a niche for himself in a female dominated modelling industry James realised modelling was harder than most people realise.

Starting young with a fledgling sense of being, the tough world of castings and rejection can easily knock a young man off course. But James was not to be swayed. From an early age the slick output of fashion magazines during the hey days of the ‘80s and the polished cool of Levi 501’s ads transfixed him. He wanted in at all costs and with the gift of a chiselled jaw and clear blue eyes from his Swedish father and opera singing mother the door was wide open.

Wisely James navigated the scouting calls at 16 to complete his education and ended up with a degree in Economics from Leeds University followed by a stint of travel throughout Australia and Thailand.

Reality comes to bite eventually and the path to modelling was lost briefly as his father’s wishes won through and James started work in London on M&A for Citigroup. Yet the yearning to be involved in polished fashion images persisted, and the industry came to seek him out.

The first calling was though a girlfriend who secured a job one day for a DKNYshoot. Taking a day off work was easy and the successful shoot fanned the flames of desire. A few ad hoc days followed until the inevitable happened and one morning enamoured secretaries plastered the walls of James’ Citigroup office with hundreds of photocopies of a recent editorial shoot starring James. Amused and envious colleagues eventually helped James make the leap after the expectant fibs started to play on James’s conscience and an engagement with top agent Models 1 accelerated the birth of his new career.

Leaving the security of 9-5 only boosted James desire to throw himself to being the best he could and giving all his energy to shoots and catwalks. It’s impressive to work with James and see how much he enjoys embodying the soul of a brand and adding ideas to a shoot. His truly positive energy has stood him well throughout his 20 years in fashion and it’s no surprise that James was worked with almost every major brand in catwalks, showrooms and advertising as well as circumnavigating the world numerous times for jobs from Korea to Kiev.

Music is another passion, fuelled by early years listening to his professional singing mother practicing and performing. Being a man of action James has composed and recorded numerous tracks in the upbeat genre of tropical house initially to go alongside his girlfriends fitness videos https://www.youtube.com/user/Perfectfitnesstv enterprisingly increasing the profitably of the channel but also increasingly to a receptive audience of laid-back ears on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jamesgranstrom

The next exciting steps for James are in the movies. After being cast by the legendary Nina Gold his cameo in The Worlds End alongside Rosamund Pike and Simon Pegg has left James with a taste for celluloid and I’m sure we will increasingly be seeing his debonair looks on the big screen.

James’s personal style is clearly defined with a nod to clean Scandinavian lines but his key is to start from accessories such as shoes, wallets and sunglasses and build up from there in classic elegant style, although interestingly James does not wear a watch as in keeping with his zen like cool he lives life fully in the present.

The authenticity and highest quality of Dashing Tweeds are what attracts James to our brand as well as the originality of the designs. The more classic weaves such as our takes on the urban tweed Herringbones and the elegance of our simple Donegal also appeal with their timeless quality and ageless style.