Street Style

London has a worldwide reputation for both the most creative and most beautifully tailored menswear. At either extremes from the fully hand stitched suits of Savile Row to safety pin constructed punk cloths and eclectic rave inspired East End mishmashes, London is the place to be.

Twice a year buyers and press are presented with an eclectic range of style at a the dedicated event London Fashion Week: Mens. Across town catwalks and shows are held in numerous venues each one clamouring for the attention of press, bloggers and elusive buyers.

With this in mind we felt it would be much more fun to bring our beautifully tailored Dashing collection directly to the press and bloggers on the streets, rather than trying to herd them into a venue like so many quirky cats.

We took to the streets with a packed clothes rail, portable studio lights and a backdrop. As our cab rolled up outside the show venue on Strand the camera wielding bloggers jumped into action amused by our daring. Once set up, the intrigued fashion world was only too pleased to get a chance to sport our new collection as you can see below….

These brothers strolled hot of the catwalk in their matching airmax and instantly took to our fine Merino wool summer jackets. Sharing the same warp these stripes and checks in  saffron yellow and asparagus cream exude summer sangfroid. As you can see they instantly elevate the ubiquitous rock look to something that rolls with a greater largess.

With a Whippet in hand and a fedora on top this dude has the confidence to rock any look. You just need to look at the bespoke colour camera strap and vibrant dog collar to know that he’s in command when it comes to colours, but with his black T and khaki shorts colour like a smile is dispensed with discretion. It came as no surprise that our navy double breasted jacket with subtle slivers of varied hues thread was chosen as his preferred design.

As our mate Tom Pande rushed passed on his way to walking for another designer he fluidly flung his arms into the Samson jacket made from a woven blend of Linen, wool and silk. Then after a single steely gaze he was off like a summer sirocco.

Dale Lyster of online magazine Nouse showed great interest in Dashing.

The reflective cycle blazer piqued his interest as a solution for elegant urban cycling attire as did our more colourful New Wave design. Read his article here.

This androgynous character with slinky hips and a pygmy goatee may not at first appear to be a tailoring kind of guy but as soon as our double breasted jacket is casually slung on his shoulders his look is complete.

Of course no fashion event is complete without writer and style expert Tom Stubbs. Here he looks perfectly poised in his sandy linen DB whilst his young acolyte looks at ease in our simple open weave Merino wool check made up into an classic unlined blazer.