The Return of the Casuals

Back in my school days, life in terms of fashion seemed so simple, there were Casuals and Us.

I now can’t quite remember what the unifying aspect of ‘Us’ was, a hotchpotch of wannabe Ska boys and the New Romantics but the Casuals as a fashion subculture have survived the day and are now even making a comeback, luckily without the desire to punch every living thing in sight.

The key to the look made popular on the football terraces was wearing expensive two piece track suits by labels such as Tacchini, Lacoste and Fila along with footwear by brands such as Adidas. As the hot blood of young lads coursed with testosterone and amphetamines it was inevitable that fights broke out and were even relished by the rival teams.

However, there was no fashion or ideological diversion as in Mods and Rockers and with a shared love of designer labels, jackets were often swiped off rivals in the skirmishes. Interestingly it was the rise of ecstasy that ended up quelling the iron fisted ardour of these wild boys, after a night out hugging on sweaty dance floors it proved difficult to get the hackles up the next day on the terraces.

Now a new age of casuals is being born, a mostly enlightened, tolerant type seeking an oasis of personal style in the desert of today’s homogeneous high street.
The original brands such as Sergio Tacchini are making a come back, revelling in the history thrust upon them and a new generation of designers are inspired to rekindle the excitement that expensive imported clothing had on neglected youth.

So it was with great pleasure that the talented student Ryan Brockbank, was inspired to use Dashing as part of his Casuals influenced collection.

Ryan who has just graduated from the University of Brighton where he was studying a BA Hons in Fashion and Business, incorporated zips, elasticated collars and graphic colour elements into his tailored silhouette. The overall effect as you can see below is a fresh luxurious take on the football casual look, a perfect balance of tailoring, history and modern sportswear.