Madeleine Faust Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are incredibly useful things. I like to think of them as miniature versions of Sir Walter Raleigh’s plush cape reputedly thrown across a puddle to prevent Elizabeth I muddying her feet. With a flick of the wrist your exquisite pocket square can mop up a splash of wine or sauce from a dress, an impromptu act of chivalry which will without doubt impress. Of course the more beautiful and treasured the pocket square the greater the admiration and perhaps the greater your reward in kind, although of course the nature of chivalry is an act of altruism.

Splash of colour is one of the great aspects of a pocket square, the silk folded or flowing from your breast pocket can either add an extra dimension to the palette of your attire or reinforce a look you are going for. One recent evening I received continuous praise for a spring outfit in multifarious shades of green, the colours surging from the breast pocket, cravat and hat as well as a suit in our green Gibbous Merino.

When aiming for a fine balance of colour whether bold or subtle, having a choice of hues is vital. With this in mind we are very happy to stock pocket squares by the artist Madeleine Faust. Needless to say, as any gentleman would expect, they are of the finest pure silk with hand rolled edges and printed in the UK, but the real interest is in the colour and design. Madeleine is a long standing artist with diplomas in both art and printed textiles. She has been painting all her life and has a great eye for detail and pigment. Nature provides the subject matter for Madeleine’s paintings and her bountiful palette and arboreal shades gives plenty of choice for the wearer when choosing from the range.

It is well worth viewing the expertly digitally printed silks in our shop next time you are passing and at just over a foot square they are the perfect size for folding or flourishing.

If you would like one of these pocket squares to brighten up your summer look, do get in contact – and we can organise sending you your favourite design.

To find out more about Madeleine Faust the designer, then take a look at her website – and her instagram – @MadeleineFaustDesigns.