12 Men – Nicholas Campbell

As you contemplate the boundary breaking endeavours of new artists seeking to elucidate the meaning of life, it is often comforting to view the elegant gallerist in his tailored suit. The work of skilled craftsmen from weavers to cutters.

The art world features some of the best dressed men in the country. Without the constraints of ‘City’ dress code, where frankly the declining standards within this narrow brief are leading to consensual disarray, the purveyors of art are allowed to express themselves within a greater more exciting gamut.

Almost all men, often after flirtations as Marlboro Man, come to realise that a well tailored English cut suit in a fine British cloth is one of best looks on offer. As the art world cherishes both the past and present it provides the perfect milieu for the wearing of our modern textiles. We look into the future with our fabric designs whilst using generation old skills for its creation. Colour is slowly coming back into menswear and our Dashing designs represent creative modernity. Our SETI cloth as the identifying acronym suggests is inspired by visions of space and realised through our interweaving of space dyed hue changing Japanese cotton with fine Merino yarns. A subtle yet inspiring fabric as sported by Nicholas Campbell.

The charming 30 year old consultant has cleverly carved himself a niche in the vibrant London art scene by specialising in works under £10k. From a young age an innate sense of style and business acumen has led Nicholas to seek out art and artists. With a thirst for knowledge about both art’s value in the pantheon of artistic endeavours and the current market place, Nicholas decided to study both the History of Art and Arts Management at Oxford Brookes.

Upon graduation and eager for industry experience Nicholas proceeded to work for some of the biggest names on the London art circuit including the prestigious Victoria Miro, Emmanuel Perrotin and White Cube galleries before a spell in New York working with Christie’s.

Constantly keen to learn more, Nicholas spent time acquainting himself with both artists and buyers through numerous evenings about town before he decided to take a courageous step in 2013 and start his own consultancy, Narcissus Arts. The bold move combined with Nick’s impressive network of contacts quickly proved a success. Within a year not only did Nicholas have a list of very happy private and corporate clients but he also scooped the influential Spear’s Young Turk Award for art consultancy.

Continuing to grow his successful business Nicholas has recently moved to a new South London location and is busy expanding operations. Should you be considering any art purchase then a chat with Nick is certainly worthwhile, and if you are lucky enjoy the visual treat of him in Dashing.

Do click on the image below to watch the interview we conducted with Nicholas.