Dashing Weddings

“Another bride another groom another sunny afternoon” the lyrics to Makin’ Whoopee should definitely not be an inspiration for your wedding. Your day should be as characterful and unique as no other. The days of classic morning coat attire are waning and as equality of the sexes is a reality rather than the wishful chant of suffragettes, it’s time for men to break free of the constraints of convention and wear something unique. That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be of a classical elegance that will cause bridesmaids to swoon in a wistful longing for their match but, like your betrothed it ought to be a one off creation of extreme beauty.

This is where the difficulty can begin, it’s a fine balance finding something to wear which will complement your bride and give you a chance to look like a debonair groom. 

Obviously the first rule is to not outshine your betrothed so some planning is needed on both side. The old custom of not seeing the wedding dress is charming and exciting and should not be spoiled, but there should be no reason why colour swatches cannot be exchanged. Mick and Bianca Jagger’s matching wedding outfits both tailored by the legendary Edward Sexton are a perfect example of colour coordination, tailored in different fabrics Mick’s cream suit works perfectly with Bianca’s ivory silk one and being a shade less bright it complements without competing. The same idea can work for any colour, so should your bride be considering a coloured dress then for example a subtle lilac woven merino wool such as our Parsec would work with a pastel dress of the same hue.

Many people now choose to have a general theme to a wedding, often a good idea if you are moving away from a traditional morning coat affair as it enables guests to become inspired and enter into the spirit of the occasion. Country weddings have always been popular and a rustic theme creates a charmingly relaxed event. Tweed is inevitably the fabric of choice for such occasions being the traditional attire for country events, but you don’t want a wedding party getting confused with a shooting one, else the hens or indeed the stags will certainly be in more danger than usual. Our modern tweeds are a refreshing take on tradition and excellent for such occasions. As you can see James strikes a perfect balance of elegant and rustic in our suit tailored from the British wool and silk collection.   

Another option favoured by many Dashing customers is to just enjoy yourself and wear something totally unique with an individual look so different that your guests will revel in your respected originality. This is the hardest thing to pull off and is probably best left to the most confidant of extravagant dressers. However, if that is you then we have an ever increasing range of interesting woven textile to inspire you. As you can see from the smiling examples below when this is done well the whole wedding takes on a character like no other.

Lastly do not forget the going away outfit. From personal experience I highly recommend the tradition of driving straight off from the wedding to start your honeymoon, the high of the wedding will continue for days or even weeks before you waft across the threshold of your home together. For travel, tweed comes into its own as the cloth is designed for adventure. Perhaps choose something dashing together and have complementing tailored outfits made creating a fabulous statement of unity.