Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week encourages all consumers of clothing to ask themselves the simple question “where do my clothes come from?” The aim is to reduce the suffering of underpaid workers in the garment manufacturing industries. By questioning high street brands and forcing them to clearly show their supply chains consumers will be able to decide where to spend their money. The Fashion Transparency Index now features over 100 brands and searching #whomademyclothes will help you learn more.

In 2013 the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Bangladesh, the day before huge cracks had appeared in the building and people working in the lower floor banks and shops were told to stay at home. However, the upper floors housed sweat shops employing thousands of people on wages of £1 a day or less and these people were forced to come to work under punishment of large fines. The building which was not even designed to house such huge sweat shops collapsed killing 1138 of them all in the name of providing cheap clothing to the west. This is just one aspect of the cheap high street clothing phenomenon, a chain that goes right back to impoverished cotton growers and mill workers.

Of course it is hard for young people to avoid snapping up bargains from unsustainable sources, there needs to be a fundamental change in the concept of buying clothes which are cheaper to throw away and replace then have dry cleaned.

Education and government action are the key as well as instilling an understanding of quality textiles and clothing, people are being encouraged to write to local politicians and to attend events organised by

In our view quality British craftsmanship is the answer, home spun tweed is the antithesis of cheap fashion and we personally know most of the people making our original creative designs.

Buying high quality cloths is more expensive initially but they last much longer, can easily be repaired and like most relationships improve with age. Invest in decent clothes, look after them and enjoy them throughout their entire lifespan. Starting a relationship with the most beautiful kind and growing old together is the great pleasure of life.