London Craft Week

This year the ever expanding London Craft week is running from 3rd to 7th May with a plethora of events around town elucidating the art of making.

Select tailors of Savile Row and Mayfair have worked on a unique project to create a wardrobe for the legendary Jimmy Beaumont owner and founder of the eponymous Beaumont Hotel, which is now in the good hands of Jeremy King. The cherry picked artists of cloth and tailoring are harking back to Jimmy’s mythical heyday when electric frissons between flappers and lyricists furnished the checkered entrance hall. Outfits for every occasion have been bespokely made, and will be on display during the week.

At Dashing Tweeds we teamed up with cutter Russell Howarth to make a fine Merino wool ensemble in our latest cloth design, suitable for his numerous jaunts to the country during the summer months. As the lazy days of summer lingered on Jimmy would often accept kind invitations to motor off for a weekend of loquacious conversion and languidly competitive tennis. What better to wear than a pair of finely draping bag trousers and a three button blazer cut jacket with patch pockets. A sporty look that effortlessly reflects the carefree days of the Deco era.

Our design as well as more information about the event was listed in How to Spend It this week, and to find out more about the events during London Craft Week do check out their website.