The London School of Barbering

The London School of Barbering was only set up in five years ago but with branches in Covent Garden and Farringdon it has become the go to destination for learning tonsorial craftsmanship. With over a thousand haircuts given a week the students rapidly learn skills that enable them to get jobs anywhere around the world or even set up their own businesses. For the first few weeks they learn on artificial training heads but graduate rapidly to cutting the hair of models or volunteering members of the public.

Haircutting is as much of an art as a talent and with the constantly changing tides of fashion the stylists need to be up on their craft.

Rachel works on brand collaborations, finding unique London brands to collaborate with on hair and fashion. This gives both brands a chance to showcase what they do best.

Our Between the lines Cloth with voluminous hair and a host of golden daffodils.

Dashing Tweeds appealed as a brand to the London School of Barbering, they were drawn to the ‘creative flair and the idea of men being able to wear something that separates them from the crowd’ as well as the ‘distincitve boldness’ of our designs.

The current trend for mens hair styles is ‘leaning towards a less tailored look and more of a shaggy feel with the indie look making a come back’ Styles are becoming softer and hair lengths longer.

The Kelly Grid jacket with an suitable graphic hair style.

As you can see the barbers certainly had fun creating more volume and fluidity in the hair for the shoot and with the use of special products created almost architectural peaks. They very much enjoyed adding to the textural feel of our new collection summer designs and have unquestionably created very original looks.

A more romantic look in our Parsec cloth


Hair styled by Michael Kontos @Michael_Kontos & Henry Stevens @hair_he_is

Photography by Ilaria Morelli @ilariamorelli

Fashion Styling by Rachel Witter @rachwitter

Models: Kamil Stanz @kamilstanz Leonardo Bonora @davincileo_ Nathan Evans @nathanjohnevans & Ammar Mousa @ammarmousa