A Sartorial Guide to Christmas – Part Two

This time, we’re exploring how to bring festivity and finesse to your wardrobe over the Christmas break.


Christmas Lunch
Definitely time for the full three-piece suit, make the most of the festive day by looking the part to start, but as the afternoon bulges by allow yourself to loosen a few buttons and relax. You are amongst friends and family, discard the rules of convention and relish a festive clash of colour. Bright green socks and a deep red pocket square or purple braces against a sky blue shirt. Whichever hues you choose, they will bring tidings of joy and some festive amusement to your kin.


The Christmas walk
Strolling around the deserted streets or fields full of Christmas cheer is one of the holiday delights. Wear one of our waterproof waxed wool field coats to keep you snug as you bountifully wish every being a merry Christmas. Our red vibe brigandines are excellent for keeping you warm as crunch through deep, crisp and even snow. The three different quilt patterns are all beautifully matched up and the snug fit allows them to easily be worn under a favourite jacket.


Dinners and New Year
Your three-piece evening suit in an exquisite cloth such as our black Merino and navy silk design will see you through the entire festive season. It’s a great idea to go for a more formal cut in a slightly less formal cloth. Silk facings on a textured fine Merino worsted or our jacquard woven silk and wool houndstooth can give the pleasing combination of a formal evening black tie but with a relaxed fashionable feeling. The smoking jacket was originally designed as a more laid back evening attire option to be worn with your dinner trousers and waistcoat. We have one in a bright navy silk with black merino wool and plenty of frogging. The cut is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s favourite Hussar’s coat and ours is quilted and lined in silk. Generally speaking you can pluck any colour you like and turn it into an acceptable velvet smoking jacket to bring a vividness to your night.

Wishing you festive cheer and happiness,

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