A Sartorial Guide to Christmas – Part One


The run-up to Christmas may be a time to relish the ironic jumper but it is possible to amuse yourself and others through dress whilst retaining a sense of élan. Tweed is the traditional way to wear colour and brighten up your spirits, it’s the original leisure wear of the British and a Dashing Tweed can ensure modernity and panache as well as invoke the spirit of Christmas past.

Planning your Christmas wardrobe should be a great pleasure, and need only involve two three-piece suits; a cheerful tweed for the day and an exquisite textured worsted for the evening. Using your existing wardrobe to mix it up, you can have everything covered. As a suggestion, I’ve detailed the attire for two likely scenarios in the run-up to Christmas below.


Drinks with the neighbours
A colourful modern tweed such as our British wool checks, Yellow shadow checks or Ben Lawers designs will work in all cases when it come to drinks. The key is not to choose a sporting country cloth that will look as if you’ve just come in from a shoot. A modern check in a brighter colour imparts a sense of fashionable humor and will give the impression that you are dressing up for you’re a hosts, a point of great importance.
One of the joys of a tweed is that it is inherently informal, it’s a fine line dressing up to impress your host and their friends without embarrassing yourself or others. Turning up for a neighbourly drink and looking too formal may suggest that you are off to somewhere more important after and dressing down too much suggests you don’t really care. You can decide whether the full three pieces is worn or just your trousers and a jumper, or the jacket and simple flannel trousers. The full suit worn with a cravat instead of a tie looks more relaxed or a polo neck with the jacket can work well. The key aspect of modern looking tweed is that it can be worn both for the evening with black shoes or during the day with brown shoes or even suede ones or trainers.


A trip to the pub
Head down to the pub in one of our fabulous overcoats. Our Donegal with a Raglan sleeve is easy to wear over anything and very warm, our British wool coat in the Jura design will fit in anywhere and our new Green Whizz pea coat in a colourful strie weave will brighten up any evening. If you wish to dress down for a drinking session in the local but still retain a sense of Christmas dressing, then wearing the waistcoat from your tweed suit along with a favorite shirt and trousers works well. You will not over heat in the fug and as the pints slip down the waistcoat will keep your figure looking neat.

In two week’s time I’ll be covering sartorial style over the Christmas break.


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