Words with Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby 47 is a man of many talents.  Author, broadcaster, compere, comedian, commentator and voice-over artist to name a few, besides an expertise on subjects as diverse as bitcoins, gold markets and a champion salsa dancer. A spritely soul, Dominic’s assuring voice is much in demand and, by day, you will find him springing around the sound studios of Soho in his Dashing suits.

Londoner Dominic found his vocal calling at a young age when he became irritated by his fellow pupils’ inability to read aloud properly in English classes. So believable were the Rastafarian characters he secretly recorded on his parents’ answerphone, their friends thought squatters had moved in. Whilst in drama school he sent a tape of his gamut of voices to various agents, was promptly signed up and within a week had his first job. Whilst his fellow thespians struggled, Dominic’s young, groovy yet trustworthy sound saw him hired to be the utterer for the debut campaign of then-start-up First Direct and this enabled him to buy his own dwelling. Over the years the self-monikered busy bumblebee has indeed buzzed about, taking two shows to Edinburgh this summer, on one foot talking about his specialised subject of tax and hopping to the other as he revived his 1990s turn, the Upper-Class Rapper.

Keep your ears open and Dominic is bound to make an appearance, else read his regular investment column in Moneyweek, buy his books or book him as an after dinner speaker!



Dominic has the pleasure of possessing a number of Dashing suits. The three piece featured today is in the Ben Lawers cloth design. A weave of British wool and Merino and  our take of a classic Glen check. The suit was tailored in house through our made to measure tailor. Dominic reports that a feeling of relaxed bonhomie is imparted as soon as the suit is donned.





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