Simon Mills



Simon Mills is a Yorkshire man who knows how to live. In his travels as a writer, social commentator and bon viver Simon must have smouldered in every hot night spot the world over. A social diarist with Nicky Haslam, long term contributor to GQ, Vogue, The Times and The New Yorker Simon offers vicarious living though his articles and celebrity interviews. From confessions of a party animal to the etiquette of social kissing via the joys off being a DILF and self confessed MAMIL Simon explores all the conundrums which present exuberant personable men today. With a couple of daughters by his beautiful ex-wife Yasmin, Simon is a modern man juggling parenting whilst performing athletic sporting feats on his bicycle or skis.

Now working as bespoke editor on Wallpaper magazine, Simon knows about style and individuality. It’s no surprise then that he fell for our highly original silk lined bomber jacket woven in a honeycomb structure of Merino Wool and Italian rubber yarn. This one off modern tech tweed was woven for us in the Scottish Borders and the pockets and collar are trimmed in military grade melton from the famous Yorkshire Mill Hainsworths. There a still a couple of these ready to wear jackets left.



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