AW16 RTW Collections

Our ready to wear collection this season realises our cloth from their conception as studies of movement within towns to garments for wearing on your city travels.
The Express Check cloth is tailored into an elegant two piece suit with fine lambs leather trim on the pocket jettings and an action pleated shoulder construction to enable ease of movement.


We have used lambs leather to impart a sense of purposeful action on our Green Cam overcoat. The leather is sewn on the rear yoke and asymmetrically on the right front. The impeccable cut features a small stand collar and a fly front covering the buttons.


We worked with an award winning fashion designer on our pea coat to create our elegantly fitted reefer, dispensing with the show buttons and keeping the minimal lines functional with an invisibly zipped breast pocket and small shoulder caches. The short fitting coat is tailored in our new Merino strie the Green Whizz. A strie cloth uses a random arrangement of warp coloured threads combined with the ordered arrangement of the horizontal weft threads creating a lively fabric design.


We have tailored a classic mid length overcoat in the Vibrant Drift strie, shades of reds and purples woven with a black weft. The coat features a peaked label and flapped pockets with the addition of a useful ticket pocket and side vents, dashing and practical.


We are always experimenting with technical cloth design and we have been waxing our fine Merino wool with a specialist company based in Dundee rendering it totally waterproof and very warm. The waxed peak design is used in our quilted winter coat, a fusion of features borrowed from action wear such as padded elbows and folding pockets make this an elegant piece for extreme conditions.


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