AW16 Cloth Collections

AW16 at Dashing Tweeds takes its cues from the movement of people and information within an urban environment. We are continuing our exploration of modern urban tweeds and the desire to bring colour and texture into men’s fashion.

The strié design of our Vibrant Drift cloth is made from 100% merino wool. The random arrangement of the warp threads reflects the structured chaos of travelling crowds and the herringbone of the weft threads provides a regimentation analogous to transport infrastructures. The brighter colours express the demarkation of routes used in travel organisation.


Green Whizz, a strie design with an exciting combination of colours exudes a sense of progress. The green shades seem to shimmer against the contrasting colours of the purple and red creating a most stirring effect.


The joy of the Express Check design is the simplicity of the check in Merino wool and Hasegawa cotton. The intermittent dying of the cotton gives a movement to the design which is expressed throughout this seasons entire collection.


The use of a fine red check in our Red Tappet design imparts a slight military feel to the urban cloth. In combination with the moving colours of the Japanese cotton yarn this lively fabric will bright your wardrobe yet still look at home in an urban environment.


In our Grey Spark cloth, the use of Hasegawa Japanese space dyed cotton yarns within a Merino wool matrix imparts a sense of drive as the yarn colours subtly change along it’s length. The intersection of the checks are like information nodes against the grey twill of a city landscape.


The Green Cam cloth interweaves an emerald green in with an urban grey ground. This creates a fresh and vibrant cloth and by using the intermittent colouring of the fine cotton yarn the sense of movement which pervades this seasons collection continues to be expressed.


Purple Crowd another design from within the strie structure developments, experiments with a striped design through the weft creating more movement and flow.


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