Coffee with Mr Kander


Nadav Kander is much more than a highly praised and prized photographer. The artist much in demand for his exceptional portrait work also explores his own life through beautifully studied photographic works. His on going series of images along the length of the China’s Yangtze River explores the concepts of rootlessness, as the flow of the river intertwines with the lives of millions of people in a state of restless flux. The serene images of life taken from an almost alien perspective leave more questions unanswered then explained, requiring an exploration of ones own life to fulfil the desire for meaning.


Nadav’s series of ‘Bodies’ metamorphose living flesh into quiet petrification by the covering the nude subjects with marble dust. The transformation of life into timeless sculpture focuses the eye away from the sexuality of the body towards contemplations of loneliness and role of the soul in life.

When not creating his photographic art or sharing his knowledge of image making, Nadav is a keen cyclist . He proudly showed me his elegant light weight steel Pegoretti bike with carbon forks and seat post. The tig welded bikes are a modern balance of new and classic materials, not unlike our fabrics.


It was a great pleasure to share a coffee in his Primrose Hill home, a Victorian terraced house transformed like subjects through his lens into a calm monumental state. His new Urban Check suit with fine reflective ‘Lumatwill threads’ is ideally fitted to his lifestyle as a London creative on the move.


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