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  • Danielle Reynolds New Fashion Graduate

    18th July, 2016


    We are very impressed with Danielle's focused collection beautifully tailored in a range of fabrics including our Dashing Urban Checks. Below Danielle explains the thinking behind her designs:

    Stableboy began from the idea of marrying opposite ends of the equestrian-wear spectrum to sit alongside one another in harmony. A combination of traditional riding dress, technical sportswear and stable workers attire; to be addressed from all angles, from garment shapes to fabric application.

    My first point of reference was reflec­tive road-safety wear and how this can be integrated into everyday clothing. The Y-3 SS14 collection that used reflective technical knit influenced the birth of this idea along with Gosha Rubchinsky and Astrid Anderson’s SS16 collections for initial garment and youthful mood inspiration.

    From this, Ninetees sportswear looks started to inspire the silhouette and surface design alongside experimentation with tape positioning on the mannequin. Research into traditional equestrian-wear and stable workers everyday clothing through observing horse owners around the stables moved the collection forward.  From a designer aesthetic point of view, I wanted to create a Belstaff SS16/Moncler Gamme Rouge FW14 feeling collection. Draping the horse’s rug opened up a new insert of research specifically from Collezioni Donna and Italian Vogues 1989 into draped blanket coats, tapered trouser shapes and capes. This research became an important shape and detail influence to the collection.

    Traditional wools, and futuristic reflective check tweed are paired together with performance and outdoor technical fabrics. A hand quilted nylon cape references the checked tweed fabric and flashes of bright yellow are a continuous thread through each look. A luxury aesthetic is created through a tight colour pallet and a mix of textures and tone.





    The ambition of the collection is to communicate how tailoring can be integrated into work-wear and sportswear to create a unique, casual and youthful look without loosing the strong presence of sharp tailoring. Tapered trouser panelling reference breeches and full chaps, and the quilted cape influenced by the horses rug are examples of how my research has inspired my designs.

    The girl I am dressing is a tomboy yet likes fitted and body contouring clothing. She is quietly confident, revealing her personality through her outfits. She has a strong appreciation for the art of tailoring yet likes an urban edge to her look.




    If you would like to speak with Danielle do email her :








  • Emma Bowman Stylist

    12th July, 2016

    soho shoot

    Emma Bowman Lumatwill reflective tweed suit


    Emma Bowman is a stylist on a mission. She has been studying at the London branch of the Istituto Marangoni in Shoreditch where the college in aptly named Fashion Street teaches and inspires the new generation of fashion, art and design creatives.

    Keen on working with menswear and needing a portfolio of the highest level Emma sort out photographer Thang Lv and came to visit us for clothes to impress.

    Emma loved the idea of using more colour in menswear and also our story of bringing tweed into an urban environment. The reflective aspect of our Lumatwill suit thrilled the photographer and led to the concept of a night shoot out and about in Soho.



    Urban Herringbone

    Dashing Urban Tweed coat

  • We meet sartorial entrepreneur Mark Cho

    24th June, 2016

    Mark wears our Clerkenwell stripe


    Mark’s elegant London flat could not be in a more analogous location. Situated above one of his successful businesses, Drake's, the pad on Haberdasher Street sits astride the City’s financial institutions and London’s East End with its historical links to textiles and tailoring. Mark, with his international upbringing and previous work at both HSBC and Jill Stuart feels effortlessly at home in both arenas. Not that he’s at home much, the energetic entrepreneur jets around the world as easily as taking the circle line, and within hours of our chatting over pizza and showing me around the impressive tie making setup of Drake's he was off again to New York, checking up on the outpost of his Hong Kong based menswear store The Armoury. 




    Mark is a man with passion and business sense the two vital ingredients need for success in the notoriously difficult world of luxury menswear. A cosmopolitan education at St. Paul’s school then Brown University combined with his Chinese family and beautiful Japanese wife has really opened up the world as his oyster, with the pearl worn as an elegant tie pin. 



    A suit in Dashing Tweeds' District Line cloth


    Mark’s love of clothing is immediately obvious, with immaculate attention to detail Mark delights in the provenance and craftsmanship of every aspect of his wardrobe. He understands so much about the construction of his suits that we could have talked for hours about the differing merits of his jackets tailored in Florence, London or Tokyo, let alone the handwork of his shoes or watches. It really is a pleasure talking to someone with such a passion for the finest, with no snobbery just admiration for the work of master makers.



    In his quest for the best it then comes as no surprise that Mark is a Dashing fan, in fact he is perhaps one of our earliest customers buying cloth from our initial range of urban tweeds. He delights in the modern designs and our concept of continuing the evolution of classic quality woven cloths. And of course there is the most important aspect of wearing Dashing that Mark embodies whole-heartedly, he really, really enjoys clothes.

  • SS16 RTW Collection

    7th June, 2016

    Three innovative cloths feature in our SS16 ready-to-wear collection; the design behind each one distilling a different vision of outer space.



    Gorgeous bright green wool interweaves with a navy and ecru Merino warp to make our Gibbous cloth. The pattern is intriguingly intricate close-up. This season we have tailored a three button patch pocket jacket with hand sewn button holes, a hand canvassed construction and rope shoulders for the classic British tailored look.



    The soft drape of the pure Merino lends itself to one of our most coveted new styles; our high-waisted, wide-legged bags. Pair them with our soft wool jacket for the ultimate summer look, and on the hottest days our Gibbous tailored shorts will undoubtedly impress.



    The Robson Reiver and Seti cloths interweave navy Merino wool and space dyed Japanese cotton. Space dyeing allows a spectrum of blues, greens and charcoal to phase in and out along the length of the yarn.



    A check of Japanese cotton is created in the Robson Reiver design with the yarns running in both the weft and warp directions. We’ve made it into a beautiful, fully lined one button single breasted jacket with smoke mother of pearl buttons.



    The Seti cloth woven with a mock lino weave structure allows the cotton yarn to streak up and down in pinstripes of colour against the navy Merino. The fabric is a creative complement to the smart style of the double-breasted jacket which features external slanted pockets with flaps as well as two internal breast pockets.



    Accompany both of these jackets with our hand-constructed, straight cut trousers for the full, Dashing look.

    To see the whole collection visit our website, or pop in to our flagship store at 26 Sackville Street, London, W1S.

  • Seducing the tailors of Budapest

    23rd May, 2016



    Zsanett Hegedűs of AIAIÉ-Bespoke Design has been creating unique garments in Hungary since 1995. She’s a tailor who’s always looking for innovative cloth that retains thought and integrity of design, hence her excitement in discovering Dashing.



    We love sending our cloth around the world to be tailored into bespoke garments. Zsanett designed and made this beautiful English Cut jacket at her studio in Budapest. With experience and knowledge behind her, Zsanett is a designer who pushes the boundaries of tailoring techniques to create clothing that distills and reflects the style of her clients.



    The colours and style of Mark Rothko’s work provided the creative stimulation for the design of our Dashing Donegal Tweed used in this jacket. Progressing the style of their predecessors was integral to the free-thinking work of all the Abstract Expressionists. At Dashing, we use the same radical approach to reinvent tweeds and woven fabrics.


    In the same vein as the Abstract Expressionists, Dashing Tweeds and AIAIE use a deep understanding of tradition to break convention and master creativity.

  • 12 Men Campaign - Emmanuel Lawal

    11th May, 2016


    Emmanuel Lawal is a multi talented charmer, with the envious life style of a successful model, disk jockey and turntablist. When not jetting around on the fashion circuit walking for the big houses and shooting on locations from Dubai to Berlin, Emmanuel can be found in his South London music studio laying down beats for his next music night.



    Emmanuel describes his personal style as laid-back but with touches of dressing up. He’s inspired by people around him, but given the catwalk shows he attends and the dance clubs in which he plays the influences are multifarious and effulgent. Pharrell Williams is a constant role model for emulation, his talent and dedication to the arts is something that inspires Emmanuel and gives focus to his artistic endeavours.



    Obviously as a creative young man Emmanuel is very keen on Dashing Tweeds. He loves the technical aspect of his Fred Perry X Dashing Tweeds Harrington jacket and judging by the paraphrased expletives of praise he receives whilst wearing it, so do his friends.



    Check out Emmanuel's music:

  • Collaborations and Competitions

    27th April, 2016

    In a special collaboration just for London Craft Week Dashing Tweeds has worked on a unique project with Gemma Kay Waggett a celebrated textile designer and graduate of the Royal College of Art.


    Traditional techniques of stitched and smocked fabrics have entranced Gemma and she has reinterpreted these processes in experimental ways by carefully combining layers of colour and pattern using embroidery. For this project Gemma has embroidered mind expanding geometric patterns on our Lumatwill reflective tweed using a colour palette borrowed from vintage cycle caps. The enhanced tweed cloth has then been made into a limited edition range of only 8 cycle hats, produced in Yorkshire by the renowned hatters Lawrence and Foster. The project coincides with the Cycle Revolution show at the Design Museum which features a Savile Row tailored Dashing Tweeds reflective cycle suit.


    To add a contest to London Craft Week the first person on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th May to collect a commemorative postcard from the Design Museum and to cycle to the Dashing Tweeds Mayfair store at 26 Sackville Street London W1S 3HE will be awarded one of these highly desirable cycle caps.

  • London Craft Week

    15th April, 2016


    During the week of 4th - 7th May Dashing Tweeds is proudly demonstrating the process of weave design. Weaving is one of the most fundamental industries of Great Britain yet the varieties of woven cloth designs have dwindled over the years.


    We are bringing variety back to menswear through cloth production. All of our original modern tweeds and high concept woven textiles are designed in our London weave studio before the samples are sent for production to the best mills in the country. Using a tabletop loom in our Mayfair store we will demonstrate how we conceive entirely new fabrics that combine traditional British and antipodeans wool interwoven with the most technical yarns that our modern era can create. Dashing Tweeds uses all the skilled crafts accrued over generations and combine them fearlessly with the zeitgeist to make exceptional fabrics.


    The demonstrations will be held at 1pm and 4pm on the 4th, 5th and 6th May, and 11am and 3pm on the 7th May, there is no need to book, just drop in and find out more. 

  • Cycle Revolution

    1st April, 2016


    Dashing Tweeds is honoured to be included in the Cycle Revolution exhibition which is currently showing at the Design Museum. Since it opened in 1989 the Design Museum has become an iconic arbiter of style and design. Visited by the discerning public from around the globe, the museum always offers exhibitions which enlighten and educate.



    Always on the out look for innovations to display, the museum was fascinated by our Lumatwill fabric and the cycle suits we have been tailoring in our urban reflective tweed. They loved our stories of modernising traditional tweed sportswear with new designs inspired by townscapes and the inclusion of high tech retro reflective 3M yarns which are woven with fine Merino wools. 



    Dashing Tweeds is honoured to be included in the Cycle Revolution exhibition which is currently showing at the Design Museum. Since it opened in 1989 the Design Museum has become an iconic arbiter of style and design. Visited by the discerning public from around the globe, the museum always offers exhibitions which enlighten and educate.



    It was interesting to learn that England was the world leader in cycle transport at the turn of the last century. Of course, an exhibition which covers innovations in cycling should include a reflective tweed ‘Lumatwill’ Dashing Tweeds cycle suit and this one does not disappoint.



    The featured suit designed by us and tailored by Davies and Son of Savile Row includes elasticated 'action' shoulders for ease of movement, whilst reaching for the handle bars and a new mud splash flap which fastens up from the rear of the jacket and includes and extra hi vis panel. When not illuminated by head lights the suit simply looks like an elegant faint pinstripe three button blazer jacket and trousers, which can be worn with nonchalance around town. The showcase runs until August at Butlers Wharf so do visit.


  • SS16 Cloth Collection

    10th March, 2016


    Depictions of the cosmos both modern and historic have inspired our fabric collection this season. We have produced seven original designs, each which capture something new from our visions of outer space.



    The first three designs of our interstellar series are all an inter play of navy Merino wool and space dyed Japanese cotton. Space dying of the cotton enables the yarn colours phasing in an out along the length, the spectrum ranges from iridescent blues and greens through to navy and charcoal.

    A check design of the Japanese cotton is created in the Robson Reiver pattern. The background of dark navy Merino is woven in the more open mock lino structure and the yarns of variable colours run in both the weft and warp directions.



    The Seti is a more open mock lino weave structure and in this design the cotton yarn streaks up and down in pinstripes of colour against the ground of Merino Navy.



    In the Talla design spots of colour pulse along like signals from rotating neutron stars. The navy wool is woven in a classic twill and the subtle pinlights of colour creative a cloth wearable for more formal occasions.



    The Nebula cloth features a strong disrupted twill structure that can be seen to resemble futuristic space ship designs from the iconic 1936 series Flash Gordon. Navy and ecru yarns are used to great effect, creating the illusion of an endless series of lightening steps heading to infinity and very possibly beyond.



    The Parsec worsted cloth takes it’s name from the astronomical measurement of distance whose magnitude may be difficult to comprehend for the earth bound. Light purple Merino yarns interweave with the almost white of ecru undyed wool to form an original interlacing pattern. The light weight 10oz cloth is ideal for summer jackets and trousers.



    The Magellan design in dark navy and cream can look like an irregular horizontal wave or a form of herringbone design depending on the observer’s point of view. The pure Merino cloth is a perfect weight for summer tailoring and the subtle design can be worn to many occasions.



    The Gibbous design in a bright green wool with a navy and ecru Merino warp resembles a small basket weave turned though 45 degrees. The small 5 mm scale of the repeat looks intriguing when studied closely but from afar the green cloth shimmers like a magnetic induced plasma cloud. The soft drape of the pure Merino wool makes it ideal for the increasingly fashionable wider leg trousers. 

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