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  • Ningbo Fashion Week

    4th November, 2015

    To say we conquered China in a single week may be a huge exaggeration but we have certainly met with a great deal of success and delighted everyone we met with all things Dashing.


    The government of garment manufacturing city Ningbo very kindly invited us, and the newly formed tailoring firm George Brummell to show at their 19th international fashion week. An action packed event at venues around the city supported by TV coverage, newspaper articles and numerous influential blog posts and social media chats. We were honored to be opening the week with our Catwalk show in their beautifully designed shell shaped show space.


    Whilst in London the red carpet was being rolled out for chairman Xi Jinping, our venue in Ningbo was similarly bedecked as the social elite, designer glitterati and manufacturing leaders headed towards the show of British Style.


    The Chinese have become increasingly fascinated by English tailoring and the nuances and history of our style, so to feed their appetite and simultaneously educate we decided to put on a history show starting with relevant garments from the last two centuries and ending with the modern fusion of technology and styles of our Lumatwill cloth.



    Over the last 3 months we worked exhaustively with Savile Row cutter Frank Byars of George Brummell to design and tailor the entire catwalk show for this event, so it was with some in trepidation that we started the initial fitting of our 20 Chinese models the night before the show. Thankfully due to Franks many years of experience the fits were nigh on perfect requiring only a few minor turn ups from the team of tailors we had in the wings. Having finished the fittings at past midnight Holly and I then had to design the choreography and communicate our novel English poses to the Chinese models to prepare for dress rehearsal the following day. Thankfully the technical staff could not have been more helpful and by 1.30 am in the morning we were feeling more confident about putting on this huge event.


    The day of the show our team expanded to well over 40 people as the makeup team and fitters arrived to practice the rather tricky task of fitting a perfect looking white tie tails, shooting suits and plus 4s in a matter of minutes as would be required to show all 40 looks on 20 models. Whilst this took place I ran though the visuals and music I had selected to illustrate our story and tweaked the lighting design accordingly. The humid afternoon flew by rather too rapidly and in no time with a faint trickle of perspiration and the tickle of anticipation we were making final adjustments to our lineup of ice cool models swaggering in their new found delight in Norfolk Jackets, top hats, double breasted blazers, Inverness capes and reflective tweed.






    The lights dimed and to the opening strains of an orchestral version of greensleeves an immaculately dressed tweed coated top hat wearing Chinese gentleman stunned the audience in a contemporary look that would not have been out of place 200 years ago. Closely followed by a couple of sportsman in plus fours, leather padded jackets and a country suit in our new British wool collection as the audience gasped in delight. As hunting horns cutting through the auditorium we delighted the assembled congregation to a full hunting pinks complete with horsewhip and riding hat. The show progressed with the traditionally dressed country folk journeying in time and distance to London clad in Inverness capes and car coats in a preview of our AW 16 cloth collection. The scenes of London where accompanied by the models pacing in perfectly cut business suits in sharp pinstripes and grey flannel, showing the eager Chinese audience the correct attire for international business meetings.


    A taste of the English summer then delighted, as short suits in our new SS16 fabrics frolicked down the catwalk, and our best selling cotton jacquard was shown in a fabulous one show one double breasted jacket of our original design. Party clothes in stripes and elegant checks then proceeded to pace down the catwalk, as we were busy readying models for the change needed to attend a British wedding. Severn immaculately clad models then stepped out simultaneously as the pomp and circumstance of the penultimate scene unfolded. Finally 3 Lumatwill three piece suits in navy, yellow and red sharply cut with a fabulous rope shoulder construction and strode down the catwalk to bring what was later voted a by far the most popular show of the whole festival to a close.



    To watch the whole show, follow the link to our video.

  • Wool Week

    12th October, 2015


    Gentleman of London flocked to Savile Row this Monday for the start of Wool Week. Campaign for Wool has been championing the fibre around the world but Savile Row, the spiritual home of the suit  is the ultimate location for elucidating the magical transformation of fleece to over coat.


    Savile Row was transformed for the day into an arcadian backdrop complete with flocks of Exmoor sheep and Bowmont Merino, whilst 25 models sauntered along the grass laid Row flaunting the skilful creations of London tailors. We teamed up with two hundred year old Davies and Sons to make a modern cycle suit for the traveller category of the show. Using traditional tailoring techniques the excellent fitting suit allows easy movement and is tailored in our original reflective Lumatwill cloth, a weave of fine Merino wool with hi tech retro reflective yarns. The jacket features an action shoulder, initially developed for shooting suits but equally applicable when reaching for handle bars. The jacket cuffs and trouser bottoms both feature an extra reflective strap which fastens and prevents flapping fabric. An additional aspect of the design is a double vented highly reflective panel which buttons up whilst cycling, increasing visibility as well as preventing water spray ruining the back. The whole outfit is topped off with a windswept hat from Karen Henriksen.


  • Sheep on the Row

    22nd September, 2015


    Drop by Savile Row on Monday 5th October. No, you will not still be hallucinating from the weekend, sheep really will be grazing in Mayfair. Savile Row will be transformed into a green pasture, covered in turf and closed to traffic while Bowmont Merino and Exmoor sheep graze along the street.


    The event is the start of Wool Week 2015 organised by The Campaign for Wool. We are very excited to be a part of the event. Models will showcase over 25 bespoke menswear outfits and demonstrate the versatility that can be found in wool. We are partnering with Davies & Sons and together are creating an urban sportswear suit in our unique Lumatwill cloth.


    Barns will be at either end of the Row focusing on the landscapes of the main wool growing countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Murdock London, the men’s groomers will support the Campaign with a ‘Shearing Shed’ offering a menu of sheep-inspired grooming treatments. GQ Magazine will partner with the Campaign to capture visitors to the Row in a ‘wool street style’ reportage of the best dressed men in London.


    The event runs from 10am to 6pm. Come early before the Row is rammed.


    In addition Thursday 8th October is “Wool Night Out” with evening shopping around the Savile Row area. We are part of the evening event where we will be open until 9pm, so do drop by our shop at 26 Sackville Street W1S 3HE for a few drinks and ‘baaah snacks’.

  • Fashion Beans

    10th August, 2015


    We really love following the Fashion Beans site, and would like to thank them for featuring our latest collaboration with Fred Perry.


    All the pieces are now available from our online store, as well as in store at 26 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3HE.

  • Fred Perry Collaboration

    5th August, 2015



    Collaboration is a key ethos for us and it seemed like a natural progression to work with British brand Fred Perry, synonymous with the iconic sportsman and his cotton pique tennis innovative tennis shirts.



    Fred Perry has its heart in British sportswear and street wear yet from the beginning was focused on developing technical improvements to his shirts using lightweight honeycomb structured fabrics and was instrumental in developing the performance enhancing sweatlette. Our aim has been to make traditional British country sportswear urban and modern using fabric development and technological yarns. Both companies share a sense of sporting tradition, yet are sold in the arena of forward looking fashion.



    We developed a unique reflective tweed cloth for Fred Perry designed in our East London studio and woven on the Scottish borders. Using British wool, which is currently undergoing a renaissance, having been eclipsed for years by imports.



    For this unique fabric development both brands were interested in a British story. The hard wearing wool is woven in Langholm and reflective yarn from 3M is interwoven every 10mm to create the special Lumatwill fabric. To add to the technical specifications a Teflon treatment is applied during the finishing process which imparts an extra degree of waterproofing as well as protection from grease and hard-wear.

  • Summer Sale

    31st July, 2015


    From the 1st - 31st August there will be 40% off our summer collection. This will be available online as well as at our flagship store at 26 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3HE.

  • Jock and Nerds

    30th July, 2015


    We love Jocks and Nerds, thank you for featuring us as your product of the day on the 30th July.

  • Twelve Men - Guy Chambers

    15th July, 2015


    Guy Chambers, songwriter, musician and record producer is an all round creative.  He excels in writing tunes that are hummed the world over. His musical talent is featured on over 52 global platinum albums, with 18 number ones in Britain alone. Guy’s life is immersed in music and from a very young age he was entertaining audiences with his piano playing whilst his father was the principal flautist in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Worldwide recognition came when he started working with Robbie Williams, with Angels selling well over a million copies.

    Guy has always had a love of dressing well, he fondly remembers his blue corduroy suit with epaulettes that he’d saunter around in at the age of 8. A Beatles fan, he admires the way Paul McCartney consistently dresses well and takes sartorial influence from a cocktail of  the fab four with dashes of French cool in the form of Jacques Dutronc and Serge Gainsbourg. Indeed his Savile Row tailored black tie is closely modelled on a classic worn by the iconic chanteur.

    In keeping with Guy’s unpretentiousness he dresses to appear approachable, open minded and positive, a far cry from many in the pop world. Now over 50 he feels it a duty to look smart with a relaxed elegance, the idea of strutting around in trainers, bumsters and trackies like a midlife crisis sufferer appalls him. Guy’s personal style takes in a love of colour and texture with easy to wear tailoring, Missoni is a favourite, which was evident from a recent shoppping spree he had in Rome when I dropped by to photograph him in his house.

    Guy’s jacket in our Tresco cloth (as featured) is now a much loved part of his wardrobe; “at first sight it looks like one thing but then you notice the weave with shimmering yarns and it’s another.” And indeed Guy recounts that it was greatly admired at a recent lunch by singer Rufus Wainwright.

  • Twelve Men - Rory McKellar

    5th June, 2015


    Fifth in the series of our Twelve Men story, introducing Rory McKellar.


    Rory McKellar self proclaimed Mayfair misfit and man about town knows how to enjoy himself. I caught up with him the other day at a house party thrown by show girls, where we were animatedly discussing the plot for his latest feature film; a coming of age story set against a backdrop of fighting Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

    Since graduating from film school 18 years ago Rory has been in demand as a film maker. Working on projects as diverse as pop videos for Russian girl punk band Manflu, advertising shorts for Range Rover and documentaries on starting your own country, he is always busy.

    Rory spent his youth in the country where he was naturally drawn to tweeds due to their heritage and array of colours. However, as the years pass he finds his wardrobe veering towards the monochrome mainly due to the practicalities of avoiding blemishes whilst finding interesting camera angles. A fan of Swedish clothing brand ACNE and the Other store in Soho he has now discovered Dashing Tweeds and delights in the reflective Lumatwills. His jacket of choice today is our jockey jacket tailored in a cotton jacquard which is woven in Suffolk and fully lined in silk, worn here with his favorite vintage Cutler and Gross sunglasses. The reflective panels on the jacket come in handy whilst peddling his way back to Mayfair in the early hours.

  • Textile Forum

    20th May, 2015


    We are pleased to announce we will be showcasing our latest collections at this years Textile Forum.


    Textile Forum was founded in 2002, and it now attracts designers and fabric buyers from major retail groups and brands, established fashion businesses and start-ups, as well as the next generation of designers from the top fashion and textile colleges.


    Exhibitors supply fabrics, with a small quantity option, to provide inspiration for menswear, womenswear and childrenswear collections, including daywear, eveningwear, bridalwear, lingerie and accessories.


    We will be showcasing our latest range of British wools, Merinos, Linens and Cotton blended designs.


    For more information, please get in touch.


    Registration is free, follow this link to sign up.

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