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Dashing Tweeds

  • Duffle Coats

    12th December, 2014


    Duffle coats as popularised by Royal Naval officers at the turn of the last century have always been associated with style leaders. Field Marshal Montgomery, an avid wearer lent his name to them in the form of the ‘Monty’ coat.


    Musician, actor and lothario Dudley Moore I’m sure seduced in them, and of course the Peruvian bear Paddington, who is very much in the public eye at the moment was handed one as his first item of clothing upon entering the country and never took it off.


    Traditionally made in the heavy wool from Duffel in Belgium, which was also used for making the drawstring bags of the same name, we have made two coats in Dashing Tweeds. The first is in our felted and brushed Lumatwill Navy Urban Shadow Check, and the second in a most luxurious double faced Cashmere. Both of these designs are woven in Britain, and the coats made in London. We selected Scottish Highland horn for the toggles and fine calves leather for the fixings.


    Immediately practical and ironically stylish these are available in our new shop at 26 Sackville Street, London W1S 3HE. Get your paws on one before they all sell out.

  • Made to Measure

    5th December, 2014



    We have just launched out new made to measure service. Simply drop into our shop at 26 Sackville Street, London W1S 3HE, try on one of our fitting samples and choose a cloth. We will note any amendments required to the pattern and you can decide on lapel shapes, number of buttons and pockets etc. As simple as that. If you wanted any samples of the different fabrics we have in stock, please get in touch.


  • Christmas Drinks

    19th November, 2014


    Come and celebrate our first Christmas at 26 Sackville Street, London W1S 3HE. Our new urban tweeds are here as well as our seriously exciting ready to wear collection.
    Choose a few presents whilst sipping some mull and if you whisper ‘mistletoe’ into Holly’s ear we will give you an Xmas discount of 10%.

    See you on 17th December anytime noon till nine.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    18th October, 2014



    The man who never lived and will never die is the aptly named new major exhibition at the Museum of London. As part of the show, the museum commissioned a short film about the history of tweed and its move from a rural to urban environment. We are very proud to be featured and you can hear Kirsty talk about the history of tweed.


  • Cycle Blazer

    25th September, 2014


    We bring you the most practical and elegant Cycle Blazer. A classic three button patched pocketed jacket cut in our Lumatwill urban tweed with a variety of details to make your city bike travel as effortless as possible.



    The centre vent fastens up to a pair of buttons reminiscent of a morning coat, revealing a tough extra reflective panel which as well as increasing visibility this also makes it easier to clean off mud splashes. The cuff straps have the same fabric which is revealed when they are in the tighter position. The best feature for comfort on the bike is the action shoulder, a pleat which opens up when you lean towards the handle bars. Built in elastic pulls the shoulder pleat back into shape.



    Do drop into our shop at 26 Sackville Street, London W1S 3HE to try one on. They are £1,200.00 and we can make one for you in any of our urban tweeds.



  • New A/W 14 Cloth Collection

    5th September, 2014

    For the autumn season of 2014 we have further developed our core concept of tweeds for town. For modern urban tweed sportswear we have looked at the colours of cityscapes and woven them in wool. Shadow checks of pavement grey juxtapose rectilinear yellow yarns portraying London’s road markings. Fine strands of reflective yarn add a technical and functional elements to some of the designs. For the evening we have woven fine black Merino wools with a herringbone of dark navy silk, an original fabric for nocturnal mingling. No brown in town may well be an advisable adage but for the weekend visit to Kensington and the royal parks our British wool and silk fabrics in a new triangular weave structure will make into a splendid coat whilst on the quest to find a conker.


    A vast range of skills and many lifetimes of experience are required to create tweed. From the shepherd’s tending their flocks through to shearers, carders, dyers, spinners, designers, weavers and finishers, many talented artisans are involved. This season we are exploring the later, the often unsung skills of wool finishers.


    Wool is woven in a ‘greasy’ state and then any imperfections are hand darned before the final washing of the cloth. Many mills used to finish the cloth themselves in the rivers by which they are often situated and indeed where the power to drive the looms used to come from via mill wheels. Nowadays as the number of mills have declined and specialisation is the key to creating a luxury fabric, finishers have become separate establishments full of highly skilled workers and remarkable machines. We toured the best finishers in Britain including Schofields Dyers and Finishers on the Gala river, Galashiels, a tributary of the river Tweed in order to learn more of the mysterious art of finishing and what hidden techniques we could utilise.



    The first process that all cloth goes through is a scouring, washing and rubbing over wooden rollers in the water of the Gala. The time this is performed for effects the density of the cloth and how much felting of the wool fibres occurs. We have experimented with a longer more milled finish on our Navy Urban Shadow 4 design and it’s interesting how the cloth becomes, heavier more ‘woolly’ and with a greater blending of the yarn colours.


    On our tour of Schofields we inquired as to the use of a splendid looking piece of equipment consisting of electric wires connected to plates and an absolutely huge press which I imagined Dr Frankenstein would use for his collection of pressed Triffids. It was in fact a heat press, which gives a fabulous flat finish to cloth lapped over the heated plates and given several tons of pressure. It seemed a perfect way to give a lustre and smoothness to our wool and silk designs. The finer black Merino wool and silk we are using on our smoking jacket now shimmers wonderfully and the tougher British wool and silk designs have a desirable range of textures after the heat press finish.


    We are always keen to give heritage techniques a new airing; one of our exciting ideas this season is to wax wool and create a totally waterproof woollen cloth. Waxing is the oldest way to waterproof woven cloth, the inventive Chinese were making waxed silk umbrellas at the time King Cnut was battling against the waves over here. One of the world leaders in waxing is Halley Stevensons, situated in Dundee and with over 150 years of experience. They were delighted to wax our indigo and plum peak designs in Merino wool. We chose a desert waxed finish which doesn’t feel too oily and gives the wool a soft drape. We have used our indigo waxed peak design to make a wonderful quilted outdoor jacket as a ready to wear special this autumn.


    Finally one can never really have enough luxury so we have indulged in creating a double faced Cashmere cloth with the expert weavers Joshua Ellis who specialise in such extravagances. They have been weaving cashmere for well over a hundred years and possess double beam looms which interweave two designs simultaneously thus creating a cloth with two faces. We chose sumptuous navy cashmere for one side and a lambswool in our seasons urban shadow check for the other. We are using this in our duffle coat and the cloth is for sale as well, you can decide which is the face for you.

  • Summer Sale

    1st August, 2014

    To celebrate the last month of sunshine we are offering you 30% off our summer collection, offer ends 31st August.

    Make yourself dashing for the last days of summer.

    Check out the full collection here.

  • G&V Royal Mile Hotel

    31st July, 2014

    On the 31st July G&V Royal Mile Hotel in Edinburgh launch their new uniforms. Guests at the hotel will be greeted by staff in new striking designs which have been created using a specially developed bespoke tweed we designed. The uniforms themselves were designed by leading Scottish design talent Judy R Clark and Howie Nicholsby from 21st Century Kilts.


    G&V Royal Mile Hotel General Manager, Carina Svensen said: “Our uniforms are renowned in Edinburgh for being unique and they’ve been turning heads on the Royal Mile for the past five years.  We’ve been lucky to be able to create our very own tweed and have the uniforms designed to fit the hotel’s location, interior, ethos and team.  Our guests are eagerly waiting to see the new uniforms and I’m excited we’re now able to reveal them."


    The new, modern Scottish inspired uniforms have been introduced following the recent name change from the former Hotel Missoni Edinburgh in May.  Under its new name, the unique property also joined Quorvus Collection, a new generation of expertly curated luxury hotels in Carlson Rezidor’s growing global portfolio.

  • Club Stripes

    2nd July, 2014

    Since the nineteenth century when the term blazer was coined for the bright attire of a Cambridge boat club, blazers have become the staple attire of summer. Most often tailored in a stripey woven wool, blazers have weathered fashions and transcended sports to bring a uniform of joy to the summer season.
    We are continuing this very British tradition and of course giving it a modern spin. Our Shimmering Club Stripe is a beautiful balance of ecru and steel with high lights of burgundy and acid yellow, the shimmer is created by weaving Lurex in the weft. Lurex, a man made yarn invented in the 1940’s has long been associated with a slinky glamour, it came to the fore in menswear in the psychedelic era of the late 1960’s and ‘70s when an exciting colourful vision of the future was held. We are using it combined with fine Merino to create an entirely new fabric with a life of is own, enhancing the sporting qualities and bringing a luster as fresh as dew.

  • Mayfair Store New Look

    25th June, 2014

    After months of design work and planning we now have a shop which is worthy of housing Dashing Tweeds. The design by up coming architect Alexander Hills is a brilliantly original modular concept executed in fine quality welded stainless steel. We always focus on the future and whilst being mindful of the best of the past we have no constraints of nostalgia. Our philosophy is immediately obvious as you enter our new Mayfair store from which you can buy cloth and our new range of ready to wear. We are open Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and from the 12th July we will be open on Saturdays from 11am-5pm. Do drop by 26 Sackville Street W1S 3HE and take a look.

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