Our Story

Why create Dashing Tweeds?

Giving choice back to men

We started Dashing with the simple aim to give men a greater choice of fabrics. The variety of cloths woven in Britain has dwindled over the years, we want to bring colour and texture back and to update traditional British tailored sportswear. We want to bring tweed, the famous heritage sporting fabric into a modern urban environment.

What is Dashing Tweeds?

Dashing Tweeds creates new cloths and tailored menswear.

Tweed is the original sportswear fabric of Great Britain. It is made of woven wool and is traditionally the way men have worn colours, patterns and texture whilst enjoying themselves in pastimes and country pursuits. Dashing Tweeds is modernising the cloth by working with technical yarns in combination with wools. We are bringing tweed to town as more people now live in the city and by combining modern sportswear with the traditional we are creating a whole new concept in tailored wear for men.

How we create Dashing Tweeds

The design process starts from our East London studio. Our biannual collections originate as hand woven samples on our design loom and are manufactured by the finest mills around the United Kingdom. New Dashing designs are part of our continuing process of looking at the modern world and creating original and innovative fabrics. Using our cloth collections we design and develop a range of tailored menswear and offer a made to measure service.We modernise tweed by weaving technical yarns with Merino and British wools. Lumatwill is the name we have given our hi-vis tweeds which have retro reflective 3M yarns woven in, we also work with a variety of specialised yarns including Lurex, rubber, silk, linen and Japanese cotton.


From the beginning we have collaborated on projects with global fashion brands. Converse was one of the first companies to express an interest in Dashing Tweeds. They loved our story of modernising traditional sportswear fabric and prior to ordering enough fabric for tens of thousands of shoes they flew over from Boston to view our weave design studio and the production mills in Scotland.

Hot on the heels of this collaboration Hudson shoes then worked with us on a fabric we had woven with the pedalled looms on the Isle of Harris. Since then we have had numerous other joint projects including Pharrell Williams’ brand Billionaires Boys Club, Fred Perry and Box Fresh to name a few.

If you have an idea we are always happy to work on new collaborative ventures.

For more information get in contact with:

Guy Hills – Director – Guy@DashingTweeds.co.uk

 Kirsty McDougall – Fabric Design Director – Kirsty@DashingTweeds.co.uk

Holly Pressdee – Design Studio Manager – Holly@DashingTweeds.co.uk.